Updated DNA additional course information for students, prospective students and interested individuals.


  • You can have your DNA up dated and programmed to install the new freedom (energetic changes) directly into all the cells of the body to complete you mission on Earth.
  • You will be shown how to Link up strands of DNA in class and connect the codons to feel more complete and happy living in the body during these times. It helps your body vehicle grow and expand to better facilitate the great spirit that you are…
  • You will be shown how to unzip the DNA to make these changes and how to zip it up again.

Dna ladder lady

There is a lot of chaotic information going around for instance:

“There is a reptilian brain program that is firing into the reptilian part of our genetics and DNA. This is the last throes (their final acts before they leave the planet) of the Dark Army trying to cause even more chaotic thinking and behavior. It may be the cause of so much fighting and even throwing babies into the dumpsters” that we’ve heard about lately. You will be shown how to put a Protective Shield around your body to stop the reptilians from firing chaotic thoughts into your reptilian brain stem.

Reptilian 1 Brain

Have you felt:

  • I’m not in the right job
  • I’m unhappy
  • My families a mess
  • Things are just not working
  • There’s too much chaos
  • I’m overwhelmed with things


The DNA is a little living force within our body and it breathes in and out.


As we live our lives we are in contact with the not-so-good situations going on

  • In our government and the politics,
  • In the education of our children,
  • In our world with living in a diseased society taking so many pills and shots
  • With the mind programming put out over the air and also through the media
  • With the pollution in the air, water, foods, etc.


Amazingly our DNA can change to survive all of this!


We have opinions about what’s going on in this world, decisions, and judgments that cause us to have feelings about what we see, what we hear, and what we feel. Next, the DNA/codons can morph into different patterns to cope with these conditions.


As our galaxy moves deeper into the photon belt everyone’s DNA is changing to support the physical body according to that new frequency and also to the intent that we place upon our life directions.


It is said that we are moving into a crystalline nature.

What does that mean? (class discussion…)

How can our bodies move into another structure?

Are we not carbon-based human beings?


Our DNA looks like Jacob’s ladder and they are many images on the Internet reflecting that structure so you can get a good look at it.

I was recently told that we could zip DNA up and also unzip it.

unzip DNA

When we are in a condition called “overwhelmed” a DNA default program has started up. When a person starts to feel that there is a dangerous threat, it may because an old DNA default program is running.


We need to clear the DNA with tools as taught in the basic Laser Reiki level 1-4 course. You, the students have the tools now — Go to the textbook and do those clearings first ….


After clearing out the bugs and glitches in the old DNA programming we need to check to see if the Restart program is up to date.

Check my restart program and see if everything is in order for my highest good

  •  Is there some attribute you want to add?
  •  Are there outdated default programs about:
    • Money?
    • Health?
    • Love?
    • Faith?
  • Are there any programs present that are not serving my highest purpose?
  • Look at the panel to the right side to see if everything is updated
  • Check for bugs and be sure that there is nothing against the Restart

Anybody reading this post needs to understand that if you are not a Laser Reiki student you will not have the proper tools to do this esoteric work. You can get some ideas about the DNA work. Next, you could take a Laser Reiki course, or contact a Laser Reiki 5th level student to help you.  (more will be posted soon about these exercises.)

LR Level 5 – DNA Connecting and Updating Instructions for class

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