We are all one and interconnected.

Health, well being, wealth and destiny are all connected – so we treat the whole body, mind, spirit and even past lives.

Reiki and CEH are great tools to make you healthy and happy again!

What is physical sickness?

Is it caused by karma?

We are more than the sum of our parts therefore our Cosmic Energy  Healing method treats the whole of the human body including both physical and soul-spiritual parts.

The whole body, mind and spirit will benefit simultaneously during the Cosmic Energetic Healing sessions. We also use the Laser Reiki as an application of 5th dimensional energy or even beyond for instant pain release.

In Cosmic energetic healing we do not treat diseases or sickness but heal the low energy and the  complete person Рbody, mind, spirit Рreleases all their energy blockages, problems and sicknesses.

It matter not what disease our client has — it is all because their connection to Source energy has been partly blocked by worry, fear, anger or pain.

Health and well being will return to all. Health, wealth and happiness are inter connected and can be energized with Laser Reiki.

What is Cosmic Energetic Healing?

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