Returning students save more than half off when you study energy healing

If you have recently attended a workshop, you may return and retake a 3 or even a 6-day workshop as an assistant for only $50 a day. If you bring a new person to the work shop you save an extra even more. You are rewarded for helping others find clarity.

empowered yourself with Laser Reiki
empowered yourself with Laser Reiki

Many of the students who come back and assist are even able to surpass the founders in some aspects of this work. This is the sign that the instructors are doing their job when their students are excelling. The bar is constantly being raised! Are you ready to try the next jump? I hope so. I love to see your success!

We offer traditional Reiki training levels I, II, III; Laser Reiki 1-4; and more!

Savings for Returning Students who study energy healing

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