These spiritual concepts have been presented in many forms since Takata first taught the core part of them. The central part is known in the old Japan Reiki society as the Gokai (go-kah-ee) – and most have been similar in their wording. Reiki works and the practitioners benefit from the Spiritual Precepts of Reiki.

Inviting blessings of the secret method (using Source energy),
Many illnesses of the spiritual (heavenly) medicineToday only, anger not,
Worry not. With appreciation
Do work. To people be kind

In morning at night hands held in prayer think in your mind
Chant with mouth.

Mind body change it for better Usui Reiki method.

Usui Mikao

Reiki, Reiki, Reiki – The Ideals (or Spiritual Precepts of Reiki)

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