Imagine how it will feel to:

  • Have a total 3-day immersion with a team of Laser Reiki Masters dedicated to clearing your  blockages, you will be learning new tools and healing each other under the loving care and guidance of the founders of LR and CEH plus the advanced students
  • Just being on this beautiful property is a healing experience. Your healing will be assisted by ascended healing masters, etheric Reiki Master, angels & arch angels.
  • This is the cover of the manual below:
  • Laser Reiki 5 workbook
  • You already have the necessary tools (from Laser Reiki 1-4)  that is needed to help you release many, many unseen energy blockages and reoccurring patterns of negative energy from your organs, tissues and cells.
  • Be checked for implants (Physical, astral or others) that have been limiting your abilities.
  • Learn how to easily remove them.
  • Feel the difference…
  • Feel even more freedom after these self-destructive implants and memory-blockers have been taken care of.
  • Flow more energy up and down your spine after the Kundalini implants have been taken care of. Now be able to raise your Kundalini energy flow without it being leaked off.
  • Have hitchhikers and House sitters taken off your physical body. Feel the expansion to be yourself for the first time in years or maybe this lifetime! (Spirit told me that there was someone coming to the weekend with 12 hitchhikers attached.)
  • Find out if you have a very favorable implant placed there by the “Shinning Ones”.
  • Find out if you have a beneficial Kryon Implant to help you move into the higher dimensions with the earth changes. And how to get one if you don’t already have it.
  • Have the Death hormone re-programmed to extend the life of the body way beyond its present programming.
  • Remove the controlling SPIDER Implant and be able to have vivid dreams in vivid colors.


            Yolanda is dedicated student of Laser Reiki since 2000. She had three incurable dis-eases according to the medical tests and Ph.D. authorities. She was even slated for a liver transplant because of Hepatitis C. She was on the Liver Transplant list for years with no donor available.

She was already a Reiki Master when LASER REIKI caught her eye. After attending the Basic Laser Reiki & CEH in Portland, she was on her way to finding and getting rid of the root cause of extreme pain and depression.

She moved near the No. 1 Healing School so she could do the work/trade program. Being unemployed because of the depression, pain and lack of energy accompanying Fibromyalgia, arthritis and Hepatitis C she was a good candidate for Government assistant program SSI, but the government rejected her claim. Yolanda had to pull herself up from the depth of dis-ease, despair and lack of money using simple Laser Reiki energy techniques over and over.

Her liver was recently tested by a hospital and it was found that she no longer needed a liver transplant! Great work!

Who says that the liver cannot rejuvenate? Yolanda is also initiating others into Reiki I, II, & III plus healing many clients herself. She is able to work part time again. She lived at the Reiki Ranch for a year, then moved to Butte, Montana for near 12 years with short trips back to the Reiki Ranch. Yolanda is now living in Chehalis/Centralia, WA. (Yolanda Eldora Tel. 406-782-1621)

LR 5-Clearing Kundalini shunts, hitchhikers, SPIDER Implant, Death hormone

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