How would you like to increase your energy flow up to at least 2 times what it already is?

Do You Wonder… what the masters have in store for you?

How would you like to be even more FREE of blockages, bugs, worms, and devices?

Do you desire even more FREEDOM  from reoccurring negative energy patterns?…Some of these patterns are buried under layers of bleed-over from past and/or parallel lives.

 peaceful energyHow Would You Like to:

  1. Find an even easier method of quickly releasing those long term/chronic pains – from this life and past lives.
  2. Have ancient curses cleared for yourself and your whole family line down through the ages
  3. You’ll feel the difference in the body. Imagine the freedom you will have in your life!
  4. Be able to flow even more of the Universal Life Force Energy! You see instant results in those you work with… How does that sound?
  5. Be able to flow a higher frequency of Reiki energy? The Cosmic Energetic Healing Symbol when placed unto your energy field will allow:
    1. As a healer you can do faster healings… Clients respond immediately.
    2. Energy healings are easier… You’ll see the difference.
    3. And! You receive this healing energy first in your body before it flows out to your clients, family, friends, plants, animals and others who you choose to help.
    4. TPassing on positive energyhe more you flow to others, the more you receive.
  6. Be able to heal the root cause of long term emotional problems in a few minutes!
  7. You hae the tools from taking the 6-day Laser Reiki 1-4 and now: more practice muscle testing… your progress as you do healing work! It gives you more self-confidence as an Awesome Master Healer!
  8. Be able to release past life trauma, such as — ancient or recent curses in a few minutes!
  9. Receive a more thorough energy healing during the 3-day weekend training than you ever thought possible.
  10. End Depression, Stress, Anxiety Sadness, Regret, shame, Anger, etc.,  in the internal organs and systems!
  11. Find Happiness and even more Reasons for Living (The new symbol gives you a more direct connection to Source Energy!)
  12. As you clear negative energy blockages and receive multi-multi-multi-healings and you are making room for even more joy to fill your body!
  13. You’ll know it’s true! And… You’ll feel it!
  14. This weekend class brings Even More Abundance and Prosperity into your Life! (Success Stories in our files from using Laser Reiki to clear block so wealth can move into your life..)

Fore more information see the main Laser Reiki site

Laser Reiki Level 5 is Cosmic Energetic Healing

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