We at the Reiki Ranch have been aware of the body snatchers for over nine years. While healing a person we noticed that the original organ was not present and there was a duplicate in its place.

The problem first became apparent when we were healing a person and that particular body part was not responding to the Laser Reiki healing techniques. We began to investigate what was blocking the healing and we found that the left knee of that person would not change its frequency and if it did start healing, it would stop and heal no more. The energy would move a little but we could not complete the healing. The left knee was suffering pain and at times appeared to be disconnecting while the person was walking. That could be dangerous because a person could fall.invasion-of-the-body-snatchers

Laser Reiki healing means that we find the root cause of the problem and we use energy clearing techniques – – we clear back to the beginning of their lifetimes where we clear the emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages, etc., and then we restore the energy with the application of sixth dimensional energy flow or higher. After the student has taken Laser Reiki classes one through four they are able to easily flow up to 10th dimensional energy. Once a higher energy is restored the body can then repair itself. The key to healing is that the energy flow must be restored to the highest level possible.  A 10 out of 10 being the best level for healing.

Low frequency/low energy flow means their connection to source is blocked and that can be measured with kinesiology on the scale of 1 to 10. When you measure with muscle testing or using a pendulum you find out the energy level is only a four out of 10. When that happens it means the client’s connection to source is only 40% in that area tested or their energy flow is being blocked by 60%. Healing of the physical body takes place much faster when a person’s connection to Source is higher. At a 4 out of 10, the body part or in this case, the knee is not an ideal candidate for healing. Very little if any healing will take place if the numbers are low.


We found that the client’s left knee had been stolen, borrowed or taken by unseen aliens. The knee had been replaced by a duplicate of the original knee. The duplicate never heals. We had to get the original part back for the client.

Over the years, we’ve tried hundreds of ways to get the original body parts back from the aliens and some techniques worked, for while. These beings do not seem very intelligent; they appear to be just fulfilling requisitions on forms as they fly through the atmosphere collecting body parts. That’s why we refer to them as the body snatchers. I see them as warehouse workers who were given the job to do collecting parts to put on a shelf, to fulfill some crazy need to collect various parts and pieces of the human bodies. They seem very diligent in their jobs and they do replace the missing part with a duplicate part so we will not know that the original is missing.

Just recently Taylore found she had several body parts missing and that has not been a problem of hers for over two years. She tried some techniques that had worked before, such as, nicely asking for the body part back, demanding the missing parts returned, and threatening repercussions from higher-ups if the body part wasn’t returned, and although the body parts did come back they did not stay over a day. Then they were stolen again!

We may have the solution now – as of a few days ago. We are sending light and love to the body part asking it to come home. We found that each body part that is missing has a string or tether where it is still attached to us. It doesn’t matter if the body part is in an old warehouse at the other end of the galaxy or it might be in use by another person, it still can come home to you.

Maybe the body parts allowed the warehouse workers to take them because they did not feel loved and cherished?

How to get your body parts back home where they belong?

In the Laser Reiki 5 class we take care of this problem. First you have to take inventory to see what body parts, organs, body systems are missing. Make a list.

  1. Next we start sending them love and light asking them to come home in perfect condition.
  2. We increase the love we’re sending, telling each part (or we might take a body section to work on) that we love them so much, that we miss them, and we need them to come back home.
  3. We’re inviting them to come home in perfect condition, the best they’ve ever been, in pristine condition, healthy and ready to accept all the love we have to give them.
  4. And we expect them to work at top efficiency, rejuvenating themselves, regenerating to the best operating condition they could possibly be in.




Laser Reiki 5 – The Body Snatchers

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